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A Paler shade of Blue

18 May 1982
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name is sarah I'm a cna and work in a skilled nursing and rehabilatation facility. I like my job, but my goal is to specialize in psychiatric and special needs care. My son Gaige is autistic and catagorized as severe on the autism spectrum. He is my world and wouldn't change him if I could. I grew up in hospitals with Kidney disease, my mom was a nurse and my dad worked in a nursing home and preacher, natural progression for me to work in the same field. My father recently died of brain cancer. I'm part of a glbt group in the small town where I live, and educate people about Aids Hiv And Hep. We also work for rights for gay lesbian transgender and bisexual people in my area. We are raising funds for a shelter for glbt teens and battered women. Gosh what else to tell. I'm a wanna be writer and artist, but I am too afraid to share my art or stories with people, not likely that anything will ever happen with that but I can hope.